PAN India Full Form and Pan Number Format Logic

PAN Card Full Form is a Permanent Account Number. I am going to explain the logic behind the Pan Card Format in detail. PAN Card consists of 10 characters, keep in mind that the Aadhaar Card consists of 12. PAN Card number is a mix of alphabets & numbers. These are not randomly generated numbers & alphabets mix-up. Each character has its own unique significance. PAN Card is issued by  Income Tax Department.

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Why PAN Card?

PAN Card or Permanent Account Number is necessary for Indian taxpayers. In other sense its an identity to taxpayers. PAN Card or Permanent Account Number is issued under the Income Tax Act, 1961.1. Opening bank accounts are not easy without a valid PAN Card and also to invest in a mutual fund.

PAN is also available for foreigners with valid visa and employment status. You can also use this card as identity proof. Although Aadhaar is the main identity proof in India it also works well.

To get a PAN is not necessary like voter ID, Domicile, Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar, etc. But companies need this to fill their data for Incom tax and hence if you are a jobian then you may not survive without this unless your salary not come under minimum tax application amount. There is no harm to get a PAN card. You may need it anytime, anywhere. Mind it! And believe in your luck 😊

PAN India Full Form and Logic

A Typical Pan Number Format Logic looks like “AFYFF7190H”


As above you can see the first five are alphabets, followed by four digits and ending again with alphabet. Only alpha-numeric are there. No special character you will see in that number.

Pan Card Format

Let’s reveal what these meant to show holder identity and what makes this number so unique that it can be used as a holder’s identification easily.

  1. The first three alphabets are totally random from AAA-ZZZ mix-up. It can be AAA, ZZZ, CCC and also AST, ZRT, XTL. It is computer generated & can be the same as the cardholder but very rare. As almost 25 Crore cards are in hands nowadays already.
  2. The fourth number is the most important one and contains the holder’s identity. This is an alphabet represents the status of the PAN holder. Like C stands for Company, P for Individuals, H = HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), F = Firm, A = Association of Persons (AOP), T = AOP (Trust), B = Body of Individuals -BOI, L = Local, J = Artificial Juridical Person and G = Government.
  3. The fifth character is the holder’s surname or the given name. For example, if the applicant’s name is Raju Kumar then it will be “K”. It will not change even though your surname is changed later on.
  1. The next four are purely digits that are randomly selected sequential numbers and are between 1001 and 9999.
  2. The tenth character in the pan number format is an alphabet check digit. It is a computer-generated by applying the previous nine previous character checks.

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