Download Aadhaar Card if EID/UID is Lost

EID is the Enrollment ID that you get from Aadhaar Center after a successful application is of 14- digits and UID is Unique ID that is 12- digits Aadhaar number basically. Normally, we call Enrollment ID as EID/UID. Here, we will see how to retrieve lost EID/UID online at your registered mobile.

EID / UID is used to download Aadhaar Card from UIDAI online portal. But to download you must have your registered mobile number at the UIDAI database. In case you don’t have your mobile number then you cannot download by this method. That, we will try to cover in my next section hopefully.

Check EID and UID Online

If you go on the UIDAI Official page you will find the following options at Aadhaar Enrolment. Here, you can easily get your UID &/EID.

Download Aadhaar Card if EID/UID is Lost 1

How to Retrieve Lost UID/EID Unique Identity Number

Let’s go straight into the required steps

Step- 1: First of all, Visit the UIDAI Official website of UIDAI – Here UIDAI

Step-2: Now go to Aadhaar Enrolment in the first column and you will see “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” or type this in your browser UIDAI.

Step-3: Then, you need to select the EID/UID option that you will see in the very first row as in snip below

Find Lost Aadhaar EID number

Step-4: Fill-up your Full Name, Email ID, Phone Number that is Registered already at UIDAI and the Captcha.

Step-5: After you are done then click on “GET OTP”

Step-6: You will get an SMS at your mobile stating your OTP, enter it.

Step-7: You are done! As you will get an SMS showing you UID/EID number.

Step-8: You can now download Eaadhaar by using this number.

Get Adhaar Number on Registered Mobile?

Once you have successfully got you 14-digits EID, now let see how you can get Adhaar number at your mobile.

Step-1: Again, Open UIDAI Website.

Step-2: In “Aadhaar Enrolment” this time select 4th option that is “Get Aadhaar Number on Mobile.” Click here UIDAI

Step-3: You will be prompted to page like below snap

Step-4: Fill up all the details correctly, like EID, UIDAI Registered Mobile Number, Date and Time from your Slip.

How to get mobile number on mobile phone

Step-5: Get the OTP to enter it and also the captcha like the Security Code and Enter.

You will receive an Aadhaar number through an SMS on your given mobile number. Save it.

If you feel any nag, please comment below.

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