Link Aadhaar with Voter ID – Online, SMS, Phone, Offline Procedure

To link aadhaar with voter ID is done at the National Voter Service Portal -NVSP is the platform.

Election Commission of India has already proposed to make it mandatory for a voter to connect it through UIDAI Aadhaar. The reason behind is as Adhaar is a unique identity of any Indian individual so no duplication in votes is expected as more. It will help get fair election results in the Indian election.

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Election commission started linking Aadhaar to Voter ID in back 2015 but it was stopped due to privacy concerns. Now they have worked out on this area and Aadhaar UIDAI system is more secure than ever so Election soon will send an application to the law ministry.

Election commission of India is having meetings with top political parties on this issue and most of the elite political parties are agreed to link aadhaar with voter ID. This is a positive sign for a fair election.

 Link Aadhaar with Voter ID

How to Link Aadhaar with Voter ID?

To link Aadhaar with a Voter ID we have different procedures and you can follow the convenient one. We can connect this through Online at NVSP, through SMS, Offline method.

Online Adhaar & Voter ID linking | NVSP Portal

First of all, visit NVSP website that is

Once you are at portal then follow the below steps

Step # 1: On the left-hand side there is a “Search” option – Click it

Step # 2: Now, you will see another screen where you need to enter your details like age, district, state, full name, date of birth, father or husband’s name, gender and Assembly Constituency.

Step # 3: After filling these details properly then again click on the “Search” tab. Now if your provided details match the database then it will work and you can proceed further or else go and visit them to make it correct.

Step # 4: Now again at left-hand side, you will see “Feed Aadhaar No.” option click it.

Step # 5: You will be prompted to another screen where you need to fill complete name as on your Adhaar card, Aadhar number, Voter ID number, registered mobile number or registered email address.

Step # 6: After providing the above information “submit” it.

Step # 7: You will see a message immediately stating your linking is successful.

Aadhaar & Voter ID linking | SMS

This is rather easy to follow, you just need to send an SMS from registered mobile to

“51969” or “166” in the following format:

< Voter-ID Number > < Aadhaar-Number >

Aadhaar & Voter ID linking | Phone Call

You can call a dedicated center at 1950 in-office hours and provide them your required information and they will entertain your query effectively.

Aadhaar & Voter ID linking | BLO

For this just visit your respective Booth Level Officer-BLO. Provide him/her with the required information and you are done.

Please provide in comments that which method you followed or find it easy to help other readers as well. If you found any difficulty then let us know. We will try to help you out.

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