Write a Letter to Principal for Bonafide Certificate

Normally, during the Aadhaar Card application process for your kid, you may need to get a Bonafide Certificate to process the application smoothly. You need this because you may be missing some important documents during the application. To get a bonafide certificate from school for aadhar card is really a simple procedure. I will provide you a bonafide certificate sample in this article also. Let’s see how to get a  bonafide certificate from school for aadhar card.

Bonafide Certificate?

It’s nothing but a Residence Certificate for an individual that is normally taken from school or college principle to show as a proof that whom it may concern. It can be used to prove as like current address, student ID, etc. It also can be used to write an application for a bonafide certificate for a scholarship.

Anyways whatever is the reason, I am going to suggest to you how to get it done. I have prepared a template so that you can follow and prepare it step by step.

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Without wasting any time let’s jump into the template;

Bear in mind this template letter is being designed as it is written by the Kid, not the parent. Bonafide Certificate

Certificate Template


Complete Name                                                                                 

Class – Section and Year

College or School Name



The Respected Principal

College or School Name

Respected Sir,

Subject: Request-Bonafide Certificate for Aadhar Card

My name is ——————. I am Daughter/or Son of “Mother or Father Name”—————–, study in Class ———. I need your confirmation as I am going to apply for an Aadhaar Card which is necessary for every Indian Citizen nowadays.

Please consider my application as soon as possible.

I shall be very thankful for this.

Yours Obediently,




First of all, you need to copy this on the MS Word document. Now, you need to fill the requested italic or dashed fields. Now, Print is and submit it to the Principal Secretary to carry out the further process. I hope that I made it quite clear.

I have also attached a Word document. In case you have missed then you can download here;


If you still have any nag please write back to me in the comment section. Also, I am bound to replay to you ASAP.

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