Reason to Lock/Unlock Bio-Metrics

Scammers are in news all around and being reported at different News channels. One of the main reasons is that people are unaware of where to disclose OTP. It is also good to lock your bios at UIDAI website.

Although, that data is very secure in UIDAI database reports are data for millions of people is leaked to un-authentic sources. This can lead to the misuse of personal information. A good thing is UIDAI confirmed that there is no cybercrime reported until now regarding that data.

So, there are two ways to get away from this. The first rule, please never reveal your OTP to fake callers or any un-authentic agent.

What they will do?

Of course, they will fill any bank loan against your Adhaar card and apply it. I will take it and run. Now, you are the one who should pay back to the bank. Although it’s not that easy scammers are always one step ahead of authorities.

The second step is to secure your Aadhaar biometric at the UIDAI website. Once done you are good to go for the next 10-years and after that, you have to refresh the process. Next, we will see how to do it.

How to do Aadhaar Biometric Lock/Unlock at UIDAI

At UIDAI portal you can lock/unlock your fingerprints and IRIS only but that is enough to secure all Aadhaar related transactions.

Before the start, make sure you have your registered mobile number with you otherwise you cannot get the OTP required to complete the process.

Step-1: Go to UIDAI official portal here:

Step-2: Hit the tab “Lock/Unlock Biometrics” in Aadhaar Services

Step-3: Put your 12-digit Adhaar number and

Step-4: Enter the Security code

Step-5: Click on the “Send OTP”

Step-6: You will receive an OTO at your registered mobile. Enter

Step-7: Now, you are in your own biometric

Step-8: Enable it and enter the security code at a screen.

Step-9: You successfully have Locked your biometrics.

You cannot do any bank transaction if your aadhaar biometric is locked and hence nobody can also. You got safe now.

If you need to unlock, then you can follow the same process and it will be unlocked temporarily but you can still unlock it permanently in case you wanted to.

You can do all this process through mAadhaar app, a mobile application. The process is almost the same as discussed earlier.

That all! If you need more help, please comment below and share it with others.

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