9 Advantages & Disadvantages of an Aadhaar Card | Unknown Secrets

9 Advantages & Disadvantages of an Aadhaar Card

You may be wondering why the Indian government is forcing people to get Aadhaar card. Why everybody is making fun of linking Aadhaar card. You may also think what the advantages and disadvantages of Aadhaar card are. So today we will answer all of your questions. Let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages of an Aadhaar card.

Advantages of an Aadhaar Card:

  1. Its biggest benefit is that you can use the Aadhaar card to get a passport in just 10 days. You will stay safe from the lengthy procedure that existed back in the days when there was no concept of an Aadhaar card.
  2. You voter IDs are linked to Aadhaar card. This will also help to fight the counterfeit voters.
  3. If you are a pension holder please link your Aadhaar card with your pension account to be able to get all of your pension directly credited to your bank account. Just one Aadhaar card will authenticate all your information
  4. If you want to get LPG Subsidy directly into your bank account, just link your Aadhaar number to a 17-digit LPG Consumer Identification that is under PAHAL scheme.

In spite of all these advantages, there are some disadvantages of UIDAI Aadhaar Card.

Disadvantages of an Aadhaar Card:

  1. Criminals can use your other number for illegal purposes such as getting cash from ATM etcetera. This is so simple but it is possible.
  2. As you know every information is linked to another card such as voter ID, passport and personal details. If you mishandle your other card, your information can be compromised.

9 Advantages & Disadvantages of an Aadhaar Card | Unknown Secrets 1

Advantages & Disadvantages of Aadhaar Card ( A Case Study)

A few months ago, when people used to buy JIO sim, it usually took one week for the sim to get activated. After a few months, the company decided to find a way to reduce this waiting time. Because there were huge lines of people waiting to get the sim activated. So they decided to use a modern way instead of traditional ways.

They decided to link with Aadhaar card. The reason for this is that the Aadhaar card already had all the information regarding a person. So, the process’s speed increased a lot.

Finally what happened? Sims started getting registered within 2 hours.

So a lot of time is saved if you use an Aadhaar card while activating JIO sim. Now you have understood what the main advantage of an Aadhaar card is. It saves a lot of time.

Comparing it to old traditional ways, you were required to submit your birth certificate, address proof, and identity profiles. Hence they introduced Aadhaar cards. All this information is saved into it when you get an Aadhaar card. Whenever a person opens any bank account anywhere, he or she just uses a simple Aadhaar number that is already linked with other documents.

Finally, if an Aadhaar card is verified, it means that all other documents all verified. To verify your other card, they use your biometric thumb impressions.  Using your Aadhaar number, your all information can be accessed by the government.

Here comes a disadvantage. Criminals can get your fingerprint and use your Aadhaar number for illegal purposes. Also, criminals can identify every detail about you by using your Aadhaar number. So here are some issues if everything about you is saved in one place, such as your birth proof, address proof, and other documents and you are mishandling your Aadhaar number by linking it to some fake people or company, they can get every information about you.

What’s the bottom line here?

What you need to do is to protect your Aadhaar number because criminals can access your bank and other details. It is not so simple for criminals but it is possible.


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