Aadhar Card Name Change After Marriage Documents Required

Pro Tip: Make sure to change your name, address first and update everywhere (PAN, Bank Passbook, etc.) before going for Aadhaar card process. Aadhar Card Name Change After Marriage Documents Required are discussed in every detail below.

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification number, is required for Indian residents who fulfill the required criteria like NRI/OIC may not have that availability if they never stayed in India for at least 182 days. This is based on their biometric and demographic. Nowadays Adhaar is very important for the citizens of India as it is required to available many services.

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How & Why to Change Aadhaar After Marriage?

Congratulations” for starting a new chapter of life, I hope you are here to get information about Aadhar Card name change after marriage documents required.  As you know, all marriages now required compulsory registration.

First of all, get the Marriage Certificate from Municipal Committee nearby. This is one of the most compulsory documents for changing the Aadhaar name.

Make sure to get an affidavit from the Magistrate that will help you in any irregularity during the registration process. The fee for submitting the Name Change is around 25 INR plus GST (30 INR in total).

I suppose you have the above step clear if you don’t have the Marriage Certificate then stop reading here & get that. Officially you are allowed to make changes in name, Address correction, surname for FOUR times only. Hence don’t do this all frequently. Be very careful during form filling online or offline.

In India normally, it’s the woman who is going to change her Surname & address after marriage. Hence, she is the one who need to change these details most of the time. Another way around, maybe the Man should have to switch his job or finding a new house for his family than in this case he also needs to go the same process.

Aadhaar Updating/Correction

Three ways or you can say two channels are available to Change the Name/Address/Corrections. One is Online & two are Offline. Look which one is convenient for you & go for it!

  1. Online – Can be done at Home easily through the internet-connected computers, Mobile or Tablet.
  2. Offline – Postal Services (You need to post all related documents through Post)
  3. Offline – Visit Nearby Aadhar Enrollment Center

Let’s cover the first channel.

UIDAI Online

For this, you need to get a web-connected desktop or Tablet/Mobile. Let’s see the next steps

Step-1: Visit online Portal UIDAI

Step-2: Put Aadhar Number you wanted to update.

Step-3: Fill The Captcha if shown

Step-4: Now, Click OTP (One-Time Password ). You will receive it immediately at your Registered Mobile Number. Make sure you have registered it already or else go on my other blogs to see how to do it online.

Step-5 Once you have entered in successfully, you can change/update Name, Gender, DOB, Adress & Email ID only.

Step-6: Here, select multiple fields. and Submit.

Step-7: Now, update the details in English & Regional Language like Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi (If prompted) & Click Submit

Step-8: Now, you have to upload scanned documents as per the requirement. To find the Official list Click here

Step-9: Try to verify again & again as you can go back as many times before final submission.

Step-10: Now if prompted select BPO Service Provider, I recommend AEGIS , KARVY or you can choose any you think is better in your area.

Step-11: Now, you will get Update Aadhaar number. Download & Print – Keep it very safe.

I hope, I am clear till now. If any doubt, please don’t forget to ask in the comments section. You will get an answer in the next 48 hours possibly.

 Via the Post Mail

This method is offline means no need to use any gadget & involve documents handling and a bit longer wait. Most of the people that prefer this method are not familiar with Digital Technology, I guess. By the way, it is very easy process also. Only confusion you may not have access to your documents to know if the authority is looking for your documents or not. In online at least you have an acknowledgment slip right away. Follow the below easy steps;

 Step-1: You need to download or get it from any Enrollment Center.

Step-2: Use CAPITAL LETTERS to fill it down. Information required is the same as in the online method.

Step-3: Your own Mobile Number is Mandatory only communication for this process is the Mobile. You may receive call/calls from authorities for confirmation.

Step-4 Original Supporting Documents need to send for this, you can re-check the list Here.

Step-5: At the top right corner of all copies, write your  Aadhaar document type like PoI,PoA,DoB.

Step-6: Write Aadhaar Card Update on an envelope containing all your stuff. Seal it & write any of the nearby address

Step-7: To find the nearby address visit the official UADAI Website Here

Example: For Dehli UIDAI Dehli

Address: UIDAI Regional Office Ground Floor, Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001

Contact: Grievance Cell: 011-23481126, Reception: 011-23481126 & Fax No: 011-23481110

You will all the related details for each authorized person, You can call then. They are bound to answer your queries.

Enrollment Center

This method is easiest of all in the sense you are approaching professional directly to fill-out all of your data. Just you need to approach them. There may be a little fee that varies from area to area. In this case, you need to have all of the original documents with you to make all processes smooth.

FAQ’s About Aadhaar After Marriage

Question: May I change my name being a divorcee?

Answer: It’s sad to get divorced for any reason but it happens everywhere. To change back the name, get your divorce decree. Attach a copy of it with name change application and apply as per above normal procedures.

 Question: Anybody has the authority to force you to change the name after divorce or marriage?

Answer: Not at all, Officially it’s your personal choice how you want. Even legally nobody can force upon you.

Question: What are the main Channels to change the name?


  1. Official Gazette like in Newspapers & keep the cutting it as a Proof
  2. To appear with spouse & get an affidavit from Magistrate

Question: Can a husband also can change his name after marriage?

Answer: Yes, everybody has every right even before the marriage husband can change the name but there must be a proper reason to do so.

Question: How to change children’s names after getting a divorce?

Answer: Yes, you can follow the normal name change channels as described above for that.

Thanks for reading my blog, please share the knowledge with your friends. I have tried my level best to cover all aspects. If you still have any query please let me know. I am bound to answer you within 48 hours. Waiting for the kind feedback.

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