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Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) is a facility that the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced for its users. Since an Aadhaar card has now become mandatory for every individual citizen of India, you might require any correction or its updating with the time.

If one wants to make a correction or update Aadhaar card offline, he needs to visit his nearby Aadhaar center. Otherwise, one can update or make corrections in his/her Aadhaar card via the website of UIDAI. For this purpose, you need to visit the website of UIDAI. Afterward, you can make corrections or update the following items by visiting the Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP):



  • Mobile number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail ID
  • Address

Corrections via SSUP

You might need to update your address in case you shifted to a new place within India. Since a large number of people in India lives in rented houses. Hence, they require updating their resident in Aadhaar card whenever they shift to a new home.

Apart from your address, you possibly require updating your name in your Aadhaar card in case you are a female and recently got married. Now your guardian name has been changed officially. So, you need to update this information in your Aadhaar card too.

Oher than updating, one might require making corrections in Aadhaar card due to imprinting of incorrect information on your Aadhaar card. Sometimes, there occur spelling mistakes in your name. Apart from this, you might get your Aadhaar card with a wrong birth year because of technical errors happened in the past in Rajasthan.  However, that issue was technical and is no longer there. Nevertheless, you still need to be careful about correct and updated information in your Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar SSUP Portal

You need to go to the Aadhaar SSUP Portal as you can see in the image below in case of making corrections or update any of the information mentioned above:

Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP)

  • Now read the guidelines carefully and Proceed.
  • After Proceeding, a webpage regarding Aadhaar SSUP will appear in front of you just like this:

Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP)

  • Aadhaar SSUP will require your Aadhaar number for sending One-Time Password (OTP). Hence, type your Aadhaar number in the required box.
  • Then, enter the verification code in the below box to ensure that you are a human.
  • Subsequently, click on to the ‘Send OTP.

Aadhaar SSUP Portal

  • By doing so, you will shortly receive an OTP on your mobile number registered to UIDAI.

Aadhaar OPT


  • It is mandatory for you to have a UIDAI registered mobile number for receiving OTP. Otherwise, you will be unable to perform the required procedure. Therefore, if you do not have a registered mobile number, rush to your nearest Aadhaar enrolment center first for its registration. You can also submit the respective application via UIDAI website. Then, you will have to wait for having a registered mobile number before updating or making correction IN Aadhaar card via SSUP. Also, keep in mind that it might take ten days for the processing of your application for a registered mobile number.
  • Also, your mobile phone should be nearer to your laptop/pc for receiving OTP in no time.

SSUP Login

You will require the received OTP for SSUP Login. Now enter the OTP to proceed.

SSUP Login

  • Now choose the option which you want to correct or update, g., Address. Then hit enter to ‘Submit.’
  • At this point, you require entering your house address stated in the Proof of Address (PoA).
  • Click on ‘Modify’ if you require modification of your address.
  • After this, choose the ‘Declaration’ and then ‘Proceed.’
  • Here you need selecting the type of the document to be submitted concerning Proof of Address (PoA) to verify. It can be your passport, ID card, PAN, Ration Card, Driving License, Voter ID, etc.


Aadhaar SSUP Customer Support:

The UIDAI’s customer support is also available 24/7 to provide you with additional details regarding the required documents. So, you can dial the customer support number 1800-300-1947 in case of any relevant query.

  • After uploading the scanned document as PoA, ‘Submit’ it.
  • A confirmation dialogue will then appear to you. Read it and hit ‘Yes.’
  • After that, you will require to pick up the BPO service provider for the verification of your details. Then ‘Submit’ it.
  • Your chosen BPO service provider will then examine if the details you provided comply to the PoA. Subsequently, he will make advancement in your request by informing UIDAI.


  • In the end, you will receive a receipt containing your Update Request Number (URN).

You will have to wait for updating of your Aadhaar card via SSUP as it can consume some days.

SSUP Check:

You can keep track of your application that you submitted online via SSUP web guest check. For this purpose, you need to observe the following steps:

  • Initially, go to the website of UIDAI. Here is the link https://uidai.gov.in/.
  • Secondly, move the cursor to the section of Aadhar online service and click on to the check update status. Alternatively, go to the SSUP Portal.


  • Now, type your Aadhaar number and then enter your URN.

Note: URN refers to a Unique Request Number that you receive after submitting your request regarding an update or making a correction.

  • Then, verify the text by entering in the required field.
  • After doing this, you will be able to see the current status of your application.

In case your updated Aadhaar card is available now, you can have its preview as well as download it too.


Aadhaar SSUP is, in fact, great ease for the users. Because it saves them from the hassle of visiting their Aadhaar enrolment center again and again. UIDAI SSUP is a more natural way to update or correct any wrong information within your Aadhaar card. One might require updating his/her Aadhaar card after a while or making corrections about a name, age, date of birth, residence or the like. Hence, updating or making corrections is now just a click away via visiting SSUP UIDAI.

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